Open Call for Proposals: "Boxes & Blooms" Utility Boxes

Open Call for Proposals:

BGE Powerbox Art Project in the Downtown Towson Area


The Towson Chamber of Commerce, working with The Towson Creative Partnership, is pleased to announce a CALL FOR ARTISTS for the BG&E Powerboxes located throughout Downtown Towson MD.  Towson is home to the local government, two universities, and three prestigious medical institutions. As a vibrant college town, the proposed art projects will become part of the cultural landmark in the developing downtown art and music scene.


Funding for this project is provided through the Maryland State Community Legacy Grant. The Towson Chamber of Commerce thanks the state of Maryland and Baltimore County for supporting public art in downtown Towson.



The Towson Chamber of Commerce is inviting artists to submit proposals for artwork to be produced on BGE Powerboxes around Towson.



  • Use the template provided to propose a design concept. Be aware that some changes to the design may be required to accommodate site requirements.

*All measurements are approximate*
















17 Allegheny

L: 2ft ¾ in

W: 1ft 17 5/8 in

H: 4ft 3/8 in














23 Washington Ave

L: 5ft 7/8

H: 3ft 40 1/8

W: 3ft 39 5/8 in Right side

W: 2ft 31 ¾ in Left side














400 Washington Ave

L: 2ft 38 ½ in

W: 2ft 34 in

H: 2ft














501 Washington Ave (1)

L: 4ft 53 in

W: 3ft 46 3/8 in

H: 2ft 32 ½ in














501 Washington Ave (2)

L: 5ft 70 5/8 in

W: 5ft 62 7/8 in

H: 3ft 38 ½ in
















Washington & Penn
L: 2ft 30in

W: 1ft 17in

H: 5ft 62 7/8 in














Behind Cinemark on Pennsylvania

L: 6ft 73 7/8 in (front)

W: 2ft 30 ½ in

H: 6ft

L: 5ft 64 5/8 in (back)

W: 2ft 28 ¼ in

H: 4ft 59 ¾ in

L: 4ft 59 3/8 in

W: 1ft ½ in

H: 3ft 47 3/8 in















L: 2ft 30 in

W: 1ft 18 ¼ in

H: 5ft 63 ¼ in



  • Design must include all visible sides of the traffic signal box. 

  • Designs must not be offensive, or contain any representations of traffic lights, signs or signals.

  • Design cannot be an advertisement for a business or service

  • If the design is to include text, it must be included in the design. The  BGE Powerbox may not be used for advertisement or to promote a business or personal viewpoint.

  • Designs may not include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands, images of illegal activity or involve the attachment of any object(s) to the box.

The finished artwork(s) will be in the public domain and therefore may be vandalized. Accordingly artists should be thoughtful about having large open areas in the design - for example, large areas of blue skies might give a vandal the perfect spot to deface the work. If graffiti appears on the box, you will be contacted to have the opportunity to repair your work. If you are unable or do not want to do so, the box may be painted over and new art applied.


***Deadline for Submissions: July 31, 2020



Proposals must contain a high resolution image of each side or the design photos (printed/hard copy) and upload to Google Drive containing digital copies of all included material demonstrating their artistic style, skill, and personal visions for the artwork.  Two forms of the proposed art work (printed and electronic) must be included.

*Important* Please call the Towson Chamber of Commerce BEFORE you post your work so your work can be moved into a private folder.  410.825.1144


All submitted pieces must:

  • Be labeled with dates, titles, and your name.

  • Include an artist’s statement with a brief description of the vision/concept for the artwork

  • Include projected time frame for preparation, installation and completion, materials to be used, and an overall estimated budget.

  • One to three examples of previous completed work.


Send proposals to: 44 West Chesapeake Ave., Towson MD 21204 in a 9”x 12” document envelope containing the physical submissions and upload to the Google Drive.

*Important* Please call the Towson Chamber of Commerce BEFORE you post your work so your work can be moved into a private folder.  410.825.1144


Selection Process

All proposals that meet the Chamber’s qualifications will be reviewed and selected by a panel of judges from the County, The Towson Creative Partnership, and The Chamber. Selection criteria include presentation, originality and vision, cost and the capacity/experience of the artist to reliably complete the project.


An artist will be selected by the end of June to execute and display their mural. The project is to be started June 30 and completed by SEPTEMBER 31, 2020.


The artist will be given $100 to start the project and another $400 when it is completed, for a total compensation of $500.00.



Proposals will be accepted from any and all applicants by the deadline date stated above.



There is no specific theme required. The theme for the artwork is open for consideration to include the Towson community and Maryland. No preferred artist style or other parameters are specified for the artwork. It can be realistic, abstract, or some combination. The artist can use paint or wraps to produce their image. More detail can be found on the Towson Chamber of Commerce website.



About Us

The Towson Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a private, nonprofit business organization founded in 1964 to plan a program of action to enhance the Towson Community. The Chamber represents more than 350 businesses that are concerned with making Towson a better place to live, work and visit. Our mission is to strengthen existing businesses as well as to help new ventures in Towson succeed. The Chamber appreciates the assistance of the Towson Creative Partnership


The Towson Creative Partnership (TCP) is part of the Towson Chamber of Commerce. Its mission is to utilize public art to strengthen and diversify Towson’s downtown economy while connecting surrounding communities through a creative urban landscape.






Towson Chamber of Commerce

Towson Creative Partnership

44 West Chesapeake Ave.

Towson, Maryland 21204


Terms, conditions & Reservation of Rights

This call for proposals does not commit the Towson Chamber of Commerce to enter into an agreement with any applicant and is not an offer for contract. All Chamber arts programs are contingent upon availability of funds. At its sole discretion, the Chamber may reject any or all applicants or modify or terminate the application or selection processed without prior notice. Nonwithstanding the foregoing, each applicant not selected shall retain all copyright in the submitted work that may be held by the applicant. The applicant certifies that the information contained in the application is true and correct to the best of his or her knowledge. The Chamber is not responsible for damage or loss of materials submitted. Failure to comply with all the requirements of the Call will constitute an invalid application. The Chamber reserves with the right at any time to supplement, amend or otherwise modify this and without prior notice. In addition, the Chamber reserves the right to accept or reject at any time prior to the commissioning of a work, any or all proposals; to waive any defect or technicality; and to advertise for new requests for qualifications.