FAQ - BCPL Towson Library Project



The TCP is a component of the Towson Chamber of Commerce. The TCP’s mission is to utilize public art to strengthen and diversify Towson’s downtown economy while connecting surrounding communities through a creative urban landscape. The Chamber of Commerce is the contracting entity for this project.


How Is This Project Funded?


This project is funded through a Maryland Community Legacy program which provides local governments and community development organizations with funding for essential projects aimed at strengthening communities through activities such as business retention and attraction, encouraging homeownership and commercial revitalization.


What Is The Artist Selection Process?


A committee of six representatives from the business, academic, government, and neighborhood communities will select the winning artist. Each proposal will be considered on the basis of cost, artistic vision, experience, and scalability.


What is the budget for this project?


Proposals will be evaluated for cost competitiveness and should not exceed $30,000.


How Long Will The Mural Be Up?


The mural will remain up for a minimum of 5 years.


Who Owns The Mural?


The TCP respects the economic rights of the artist. The Towson Chamber of Commerce (the contracting authority) owns the mural. The artist owns the copyright to the image. Future merchandizing agreements will be negotiated between the commissioning entity and the artist.

What Protections Are In Place To Prevent Unauthorized Use Of The Image?


The project falls under federal copyright law 17USC 101 et seq. and is protected like all other public art. Under the Federal Copyright Act, the artist is granted copyright protection as soon as the work is created.


Since This Is An Outdoor Project, What Is The Weather Like In Towson During Production?


The climate in this area is characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. Production timelines need to consider periods of rain or intense heat.


Is Coating Required?


Because of the project’s size and visibility, the TCP believes that it is more cost efficient to pay to repair any tagging incident on an as needed basis. Anti-graffiti coating is not required.